What is CIQ@SMU?

The Ability to Strategically Communicate with Anyone, Anywhere.

A revolutionary approach in higher education to ensure that every member of the Southern Methodist University community is equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage and communicate effectively in complex cultural contexts.

Dr. Maria Dixon Hall, Senior Advisor to the Provost explains the importance of Cultural Intelligence for SMU


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The Intelligence Brief

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Changing the world requires being able to learn, teach, mentor, collaborate, and work with people of a myriad of cultural identities including race, ethnicity, political ideology, gender, sexuality, and religion. CIQ@SMU works to provide the resources, skills, and knowledge to enable our faculty, staff, and students to meet the challenges of our complex cultural world. Utilizing the framework of Cultural Intelligence, our goal is for our campus to move beyond appreciating diversity to being able to effectively and authentically communicate and collaborate with colleagues from every cultural background.


“Mustangs value intelligence above physical strength…They have survived for generations without human intervention because they never feared using their intelligence to change the world around them.”

- Frank Hopkins -